Introduction To Health Care Quality. Theory, Methods, And Tools

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Introduction to Health Care Quality explores the issues of quality management in today's health care environment, and provides clear guidance on new and perennial challenges in the field


As the field grows ever more complex, quality management becomes increasingly critical for ensuring optimal patient care

Each chapter centers on an essential concept, but builds upon previous chapters to reinforce the material and equip students with a deeper understanding of the modern health care industry

Health care quality is defined and assessed according to setting, with factors such as standards, laws, regulations, accreditation, and consumerism impacting measurement and analysis in tremendous ways

Health care today is worlds away from any other point in history

Introduction to Health Care Quality helps students and professionals make sense of the issues, and provide top-notch service in today's rapidly changing health care environment.

Real-world situations are highlighted to show the intersection of theory and application, while cutting-edge methodologies and models prepare students for today's data-driven health care environment

Students will learn how to utilize statistical tools, patient data, and more to understand new models of reimbursement, including pay for performance and value-based purchasing

The idea of 'quality' is examined in the context of a variety of health care situations, with practical emphasis on assessment, monitoring, analysis, and improvement

They will also learn how to learn how to incorporate technology into everyday practice

This book provides an overview of this complex field, with insightful discussion and expert practical guidance

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